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National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Challenge Walk Headquarters
12121 Scripps Summit Dr #190
San Diego, CA 92131
Main Line: (800) 486-6762
Fax Line: (760) 804-9266
Pacific South Coast Chapter Website
Southern California & Nevada Chapter Website

When mailing donations, write Challenge Walk MS 2014 and the name of the Walker on every check sent. Please record each check you mail to the Chapter on the Pledge Tracking Worksheet for your records so you can thank your donors.


Jennifer West
Senior Director of Special Events
(760) 448-8435

Jennifer Gaylord
Director, Fundraising Engagement
(760) 448-8413

Jennifer Kalker
Manager, Fundraising Engagement
(760) 448-8446

Lisa Erickson
Manager, Fundraising Engagement
(760) 448-8410 

Renata Sahagian
Manager, Fundraising Engagement
(760) 448-8406

Angelina Sperry
Fundraising Engagement Coordinator
(760) 448-8430

Los Angeles and Greater Los Angeles Walker Coaches
Debra Gruen

Regional Director, Inland Empire
(310) 479-4456


Linda Ingram
Director of Volunteer Resources
(760) 448-8416


Jessica Ishikawa
Director, Marketing & Communications
(714) 689-9603

Rick Griffin
Public Relations
(619) 461-3104

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