Walking 50 miles takes commitment and training. You will take about 100,000 individual steps during the Challenge Walk. Although the Challenge Walk is for people of all abilities, you do need to prepare your body physically and mentally. By conditioning your body before the Walk, you will have more fun and be less likely to experience injuries and pain.

Once you register, start training. This section is designed to give you the tools, resources, and information necessary to create a successful training program and prepare for the Walk.  If you have questions during your training be sure to use the training blog.


1. Make a training plan. You can download suggested Training Programs based on how much time you have to prepare for the Walk.

2. Start a walk journal. Use a walk journal to keep track of your training, mileage and help you maintain a walking schedule.

3. Purchase walking gear. You will want to purchase walking shoes and clothing for training. This will allow you enough time to break in your shoes, test clothing and layering systems. Getting the right shoes for training and the Challenge Walk is essential.

4. Join a training walk or recruit a walking buddy. Training is always more fun with a friend to motivate you.



Consistency in training is essential to completing long-distance walks. You must be dedicated to training and to increasing your mileage each week.  

As you begin your training, you may have questions and we are here to help.  Contact us at


Rehab United Physical Therapy & Sports Performance Center has developed the training programs to help you prepare for the Challenge Walk. Select the program based on how much time you have to prepare. RU Sports Performance Center's integration of applied functional science and sport-specific training maximizes athletic potential while minimizing injury risk. If you are a team captain or individual looking for a more customized training plan that fits your schedule/ability/needs, feel free to contact Bryan Hill through Rehab United Sports Performance Center.

12 Week Training Program